1. Objective

Primarily the motivation behind this course is to show students the full potential of Arduino based microcontrollers and to equip them with the knowledge necessary to make use of this potential to bring their own innovative ideas to life.Students will be taught from the very basics, giving them a solid foundation of the fundamentals.

Learning Arduino which is based on C and C++ primarily, will also help students to easily start learning other new languages such as Java, Python etc. which are of much demand in today’s jobs market.

Through building circuits and writing code students will be made to complete the hands-on exercises, making them combine several different ideas and concepts.Through this we expect to see student’s thinking out of the box, challenging them to be innovative and creative all the time.

At the end of this course students will gain the experience of building and completing their very first robot. The challenges they will be facing will definitely encourage them to be innovative, creative and help them improve their abstract thinking.

2. Learning Outcome

After completing this course the student will learn about the basics of arduino and how to make a basic robot.

3. Syllabus Outline


Lesson plan


Week 01

Introduction Lesson

●      Arduino introduction

●      Mixly introduction

●      Microbit introduction

Week 02

LED Pattern Design

●      LED Blinking

●      LED bar graph

Week 03

Push Button Control

●      On/Off LED by push button

Week 04


Potentiometer control

●      Disco light

●      Control colour with pot

Week 05

Motor control

●      Motor forward/ Backward

Week 06

HC-06 Bluetooth module

●      Control LED by phone

Week 07

Chassis Assembly

●      Chassis Assembly

Week 08

Final code upload

●      Bluetooth controlled car

4. Hardware Components required.

5. Final evaluation process for certificate

Grading Policy

Grade A+

> 80%

Practical Assignments & online quizzes

20 Points

Grade A


Project Submission

30 points

Grade B


Project presentation

20 Points

Grade C


Class attendance

20 points

Grade S


Note : The grading will be relative among all the students.