Thingerbits Electronics is one-stop-shop for Arduino, Raspberry pi, NodeMCU, Micro:Bit development boards, sensors, and other electronic development and prototyping tools. Thingerbits Electronics is operated by Thingerbits (Pvt) Ltd. which operate in Colombo, Sri Lanka.


We are a start-up company that aims to buy and sell open-source hardware(computers) and other related technologies through e-commerce. Our product includes a variety of development electronic boards, microcontrollers, electronic sensors, educational robotics, internet-of-things, and other related technologies. Our clients are usually students in STEM program, Computer engineering, Communication & Electronic Engineering, and technology enthusiast.


Our goal is to accelerate the learning of the students in information technology and to promote the development of their own prototype devices or technologies at affordable prices. We believe every Sri Lankan student and enthusiast deserve accessibility to all technology available,that other developed countries have been enjoying right now.


We believe that our product complements the growing demand for information technology-based skills by providing them a tool at a younger stage and encouraged to develop their skills in technology.