8-key TTP226 Touch Sensor

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The TTP226 is a touch pad detector IC which offers 8 touch keys. The touching detection IC is designed for replacing traditional direct button key with fixed pad size. Low power consumption and wide operating voltage are the contact key features for DC or AC application.


• Operating voltage 2.0V~5.5V

• Operating current typical 100uA, max 160uA at VDD=3V

• The output refresh rate about 55Hz at VDD=3V

• 64 steps sensitivity selectable (SLSE0~5 pin option)

• Another have offer 2 kinds of base-step (OPST pin option)

• Stable touching detection of human body for replacing traditional direct switch key.

• Provides direct mode、matrix mode and serial mode selected by pad option

• Maximum 8 input pads and 8 outputs for direct mode;

• Maximum 8 input pads for serial interface mode;

• Maximum 8 input pads provide fixed 2*4 and 3*3 matrix types

• Outputs can be selected active high or active low by pad option

• After power-on have 0.8~1.0sec stable-time, during the time do not touch the key-pad, And the function is disabled.

• Auto calibration for life. And the re-calibration period is 0.8~1.0sec.When all keys do not touched.

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8-key TTP226 Touch Sensor

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